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Information and Cyber Security

We help our clients protect their most valuable asset – information.

Risk assessments – identifying and identify primary and supporting assets, their relations, vulnerabilities, threats, and potential risk mitigations.

Maturity and compliance assessment – assessing and guiding our clients in understanding compliance principles and criteria in relation to best-practice and standards such as ISO 27001, 19011, and 22301.

Security governance – establishment of policies, roles, responsibilities, processes, and metrics with our clients to assure data protection, confidentiality and protect intellectual property rights (IPR) of information.

Security architecture – designing resilient structures, methodologies, and support systems that can adapt to the changing threat landscape and regulations such as GDPR as well as ensuring an effective production, storage, maintenance, control, and usage of critical information assets.

Solution architecture – helping our clients to design, implement and maintain an ICT solution including state-of-the-art security controls to mitigate the risks identified.

Information Security training – providing personnel the ability to drive information security initiatives independently and systematically in their own organisation.