Growing Health & Wealth by Digitalisation

  • Niklas Häggström, CIO & Peter Olofsson, CEO.

About us – and our mission.

Here for good

Society and information are one of the most challenging and potentially valuable interactions currently addressed in the public domain. Its impact on people’s well-being, environment, and economic prosperity is immeasurable. The current underutilization of information for the good of society is due to the lack of visions, regulations, and common grounds that would support both individuals and governments. We are here to change this!

Trust in information

By uncovering and leveraging hidden values in organizations, information management as a discipline promises economic growth for decades to come. The alternative, i.e., to continue as is, is bleak. By applying our leadership and knowledge to make better use of existing information, enhancing information quality, and ensuring it can be trusted we help organizations improve operational efficiency, generate more income, and decrease risk.

Building communities

It cannot be emphasized enough that trust and confidence in those we cooperate with means everything. Likewise, we apply this thinking to our clients in the establishment of their internal collaborations well as with partners, suppliers, and customers. Our products and methods have many times proven to be invaluable when establishing collaborative platforms and networks in which the actors can benefit from each other.