Growing Health & Wealth by Digitalisation

E-commerce Evolution Framework

This product is a package containing e-commerce business knowledge and methods for assessment and development.

It covers B2C and B2B commerce and addresses the view of customers, merchandisers, and partners. It contains definitions of business capabilities, indicators, business processes, organization, technology, and data.

The E-commerce evolution framework can be used to assess the current state of e-commerce operations or the technical landscape and benchmark against best practice e-commerce businesses. It allows for driving market expansion, assortment evolution, re-platforming, operational improvements, etc.

The benefits that can be seen from the application of the product include a short time to insights and realization of value and high accuracy in assessments and understanding. It provides reduced business risk in change initiatives and clarity in communication with employees, customers, and shareholders.

Commonly, businesses realize a value equivalent of 1-5% of their annual turnover by applying the E-commerce evolution framework. The level and type of benefit varies between organizations depending on their previous maturity and growth strategy. Benefits can include both decreased cost due to operational efficiency and rationalization of staff and technical systems, and increased revenue.

Digitrust has several products that are used to accelerate digitalization and enhance the value of information. These products can be applied across various markets but are tailored to the health and wellbeing sector.

Each product contains documented best practices from many years of experience in Information Management, example material as well as guidance for how to apply the products in different contexts.